Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Festival Time

We have gotten some good feedback about the upcoming fall festival!! Sat Sept 24th!! at Olney City Park

Thought I would let you know how supporting the fall festival helps our kids and our community.

When the vendors pay their booth fee-- all of the proceeds go to the Olney Arts Council. The money raised supports things like-- OAC Grassroots Program-- This program brings performing arts to the Richland county schools. This includes education through the arts such as learning about Amelia Earhart and Anne Frank. Other performances include music from many genres including Jazz and Folk. Lets not forget the fun plays that the kids love.

In addition to the Grassroots program, Olney Arts Council brings workshops and performances for the general public to the community.

So come on out to the fall festival and support our vendors that support the Olney Arts Council.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

I draw portraits , mostly of my grandchildren --but I have drawn for other people too ( for a fee)Am I famous ? To my kids and grandkids ..;)I display in several places in Olney , through the OAC . Right now I have work in the Court House ==Sheila Ritter's area .For sale ? I have been commisioned to draw for several people .I do have Web albums , but I have to invite by "invitation only "I was taught by my brother , Stan Novak .He is my inspiration , and my hero in the Art World . I used to try to give him all the credit , but he would not accept that --he said "I helped you find it , that's all " Art is an outlet to help me relax ....Do I have a day job ? I babysit 4 or 5 days every week for one of my grandchildren ( --he is almost 2 )My biggest challenge as artist ? My brother , Stan passed away 1 1/2 years ago ---way to early in my learning experience ! I have thousands of questions yet to ask him !What do I want to be in my next life ? Hmmmm ...are you sure there is a next life ? If there is , I think I would happy to live this one over again , and correct the many mistakes I made this time around !!!! But we can't do that can we ? I would like to answer one question that several people have asked me "Do I wish I had started to draw earlier in life ?" No , I had to wait until my life quieted down ...and the time was available to spend on it . You can never change the past ...just move on and keep trying to make the most of each day ..

Scroll down to see an exhibit of Debbie's work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Artful Trip to Indianapolis

Click image to view trip details

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Audition Notice for "Love at the Cafe"

Audition Notice

The Olney Arts Council announces open auditions for theirsummer musical production of “Love! At the CafĂ©!” on Monday, May24th and Tuesday, May 25th at 7:00 PM in thefellowship hall of the First Presbyterian Church in Olney. The church islocated on the corner of Elm & Morgan.

Please prepare and bring with you 16 measures of a Broadway song. A short reading from the script will be provided.

Performance dates: July 16th, 17th,& 18th

Synopsis: Love! At the Cafe! isa romantic comedy with big 1950's song and dance numbers. Love! is about two love triangles and conflicts that emerge in the "simple " times of the 50s at Bonnie's Cafe. The main character is the all-American teenage boy,Jimmy, who has had a crush on the pretty waitress, Sharon, for a very longtime. He is about to disclose his "love " to her by asking her to the fourth of July party, only to be thwarted by the evil, self-centered and rich Fred, who has already asked her to the party. The other young couple is the head cook, Melvin, who is engaged to the flamboyant, actress wanna-be, Candy,who is now in hot pursuit by the phony Hollywood "producer ", Jet. The older Bonnie runs the Cafe and is in the middle of all the shenanigans.

Cast: There are roles for 6 men, 6women, plus a chorus.

All incoming high school aged students and adults of allages are encouraged to audition!

For more information please contact Andrew Flynn at618-395-3680 or

Art Display at Ophelia's Cup

Wonderful local artist, Deb Jones, has her drawings displayed at Ophelia's cup. Deb's brother was Stan Novak who was also a very talented artist and passed his talent along to his sister. The drawings displayed are her grandchildren, brother Stan, and her son.